Endless Possibilities for Work, Leisure, and Relaxation

Step into the inviting lobby of Amnia, where the atmosphere exudes warmth and elegance. The walls are adorned with the soothing and sophisticated Etoile Gris hue, while the Stone Marfil floors offer a timeless and refined foundation. Custom light fixtures from Umage cast a gentle glow, creating a welcoming ambiance that beckons visitors to linger and savor the luxury of this exceptional space.
The lobby at Amnia is warm and inviting, exuding warmth and elegance.
Experience the ultimate in luxury living at Amnia BK's expansive fitness center. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of cutting-edge equipment and amenities, designed to elevate your fitness journey. With stunning views of Downtown Brooklyn, our fitness center provides the perfect backdrop for your workouts. Achieve your goals in style and enjoy the convenience of a world-class fitness experience right at your doorstep. Elevate your lifestyle at Amnia BK.
Amnia’s fitness center is a haven for health and wellness enthusiasts. With walls adorned in sleek Greylac Platinum, this space exudes modern luxury. State-of-the-art equipment awaits, including cutting-edge treadmills, Peloton smart bicycles, ellipticals, free weights, and a wide array of yoga equipment. Whatever your fitness preference, Amnia’s abundant fitness center provides all the tools and amenities you need to stay active and reach your goals in style.
Amnia’s game room and lounge is the epitome of sophistication and style. The walls are a harmonious blend of Jet Black Caesarstone, Dorian Gray wallpaper, and Japanese Oak, creating an atmosphere of contemporary opulence. Beneath your feet, 6″ wide red oak hardwood floors exude warmth and character. At the center of this elegant space stands an Ezra pool table, beckoning for friendly games and leisurely competition. Bespoke furnishings, meticulously hand-selected, including the Cortina Bench, Mulholland Chair, and Kaishi Chairs, offer the utmost in comfort and aesthetics. Custom millwork seating seamlessly integrated into the walls completes the picture, making this lounge a haven for relaxation and entertainment.
Welcome to the game room and lounge at Amnia BK, where luxury meets entertainment in Downtown Brooklyn. Unwind and indulge in our vibrant space, designed to elevate your living experience at our luxury rental building. From friendly game nights to relaxing evenings, our game room and lounge provide the perfect backdrop for socializing and creating lasting memories. Immerse yourself in the inviting ambiance, embrace the thrill of friendly competition, and make yourself at home in the heart of Brooklyn. Experience the epitome of luxury living at Amnia BK, your gateway to a new level of sophistication in Downtown Brooklyn.
Unwind in the lush courtyard and let your furry friend roam free in the dog run at Amnia. Our luxury rental building in Downtown Brooklyn offers a serene outdoor oasis, complete with elegant Travertine Pearl floors, inviting white oak millwork fences, and bench seating. Surrounded by greenery and thoughtfully placed planters, this tranquil space allows you to connect with nature without leaving the building. For your beloved pets, we have a dedicated dog run and a range of pet-friendly amenities, including the convenience of a Fido Fountain from BarkPark. Experience the perfect blend of natural beauty and pet-friendly luxury at Amnia.
Amnia’s outdoor oasis and dog run is a sanctuary of natural beauty and pet-friendly luxury. Underfoot, the elegant Travertine Pearl floors exude a sense of serenity. The bespoke white oak millwork fences and bench seating, adorned with fully integrated base lighting, add an element of sophistication to this tranquil space. Surrounded by lush greenery and thoughtfully placed planters, it’s a place where residents can escape into nature without leaving the building. For our four-legged friends, there’s a dedicated dog run and a range of pet-friendly amenities, including the convenience of a Fido Fountain from BarkPark, ensuring that both residents and their pets can enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort.
Amnia’s rooftop is a true masterpiece, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for its residents. The Travertine Pearl floors provide an elegant foundation, while the entire perimeter is lined with custom white oak millwork benches adorned with integrated lighting and lush planters, creating an oasis in the sky. A bespoke cedar pergola provides a charming al fresco dining area, ideal for savoring meals with friends and family while taking in the breathtaking views. For those who love to grill, the fully equipped grilling station features two grills and two wet bars, making it perfect for outdoor gatherings. And what truly sets this rooftop apart are the panoramic vistas it offers, showcasing Downtown Brooklyn, Downtown Manhattan, the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, and the iconic skyline of Midtown Manhattan, making every moment spent here a memory to cherish.
Experience the pinnacle of luxury living at Amnia, where elegance meets comfort in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. Immerse yourself in the sophistication of our inviting lobby, adorned with soothing Etoile Gris hues and timeless Stone Marfil floors. Indulge in the ultimate wellness experience at our state-of-the-art fitness center, equipped with cutting-edge Peloton smart bicycles, treadmills, free weights, and yoga equipment. Discover relaxation and entertainment in our game room and lounge, featuring a stunning pool table, bespoke furnishings, and hand-selected decor. Escape to our outdoor oasis, surrounded by lush greenery, Travertine Pearl floors, and pet-friendly amenities. Ascend to our rooftop paradise, offering panoramic vistas of Brooklyn and Manhattan and an idyllic al fresco dining area. Luxury rental residences await at Amnia, your gateway to a life of opulence and tranquility.